Felicity’s work has specialised in cases, research, publications, government submissions and conferences on issues relating to women and the law.

In particular, her research, publications and campaigning has led to changes in the law in the context of ‘Modern Slavery, Female Genital Mutilation and Reproductive Rights.

Felicity has spoken at length about issues relating to women as witnesses, victims and jurists in justice systems, including on issues of career development. She is part of a Harvard research project to draft a Treaty on Violence Against Women and Girls and led a 4 -year project on women in prison where the reports were described as ‘The most important since Corston’. Her findings suggested it was important to avoid imprisonment for most women offenders.

Felicity also has a long history of dealing with serious cases of homicide, abuse and fraud involving women as victims, witnesses and suspects as well as researching legal issues that affect women and campaigning on the visibility of women in justice systems.

Sample cases include:

  • Numerous cases of sexual violence and abuse with women and female children as victims, witnesses and suspects, including institutional sexual abuse, death by neglect in a nursing home and a ‘death by rape’ which was labelled ‘the lonely-hearts murder’.
  • Defending a woman wrongly accused of murder where late disclosure led to a finding that there was no case to answer.
  • Assisting lawyers in the Philippines for Mary Jane Veloso who was reprieved from execution in Indonesia whilst her status as a human trafficking victim in the drug trade is investigated. Felicity’s role was the subject of ABC Foreign Correspondent’s documentary Saving Mary Jane and she received a Charles Darwin University Ryan Family Award for commitment to excellence, outstanding results in research and innovative teaching approaches. It was recognised that “Felicity has played key roles in the development of international partnerships and has contributed to important outcomes in the region”.
  • Judicially Reviewing a decision to deport a woman and her female children at risk of FGM.

In addition, Felicity has the following publications:

Books / Book Chapters – Women and Law 

  • The Sexual Offences Handbook– Law, Practice and Procedure. Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing (3rd Ed forthcoming).
  • Research Handbook on The Future of Feminist Engagement with International Law: Transnational Feminisms in Court: Tackling the wicked problem of women’s invisibility in criminal justice (Chapter forthcoming).
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Law and Practice 2018 (contributor) Bloomsbury. Law and Practice
  • Human Trafficking: Emerging Legal Issues and Applications. Edited by Nora M. Cronin and Kimberly A. Ellis. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc 2017. Chapters:
  • Human Trafficking in the Drug Trade: Lessons for Attorneys from the Mary Jane Veloso Case (Felicity Gerry, QC)
  • Gender Issues in Human Trafficking: Empowering Women and Girls Through Awareness and Law (Felicity Gerry QC and Catarina Sjölin, LL.M.)

Journal articles – Women and Law

  • Malik, Rowland, Gerry, McVaneMandatory reporting of female genital mutilation in children in the UK British Journal of Midwifery, June 2018, Vol 26, No 6
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