Felicity has a long history of dealing with serious cases of homicide, abuse and fraud involving complex scientific and technological issues as well as researching legal issues involving cyber rights, cybercrime and using technology to combat human trafficking.

Sample cases include:

  • Appeal on the mens rea relating to importation and possession of child abuse material
  • DNA and Phylogenetic science in the context of murder, sexual offending and HIV transmission
  • Data and meta data in images, video and fraud -based material and and online investment fraud
  • Blood spatter and reconstruction in murder
  • Defamation on social media

Research and campaigning:

  • Felicity’s academic work has included research, publications, government submissions and conferences on issues relating to technology, science and the law. In particular, she has reported for the American Bar Association on the Draft Cybercrime Law for Cambodia and her PhD research focusses on using technology to combat human trafficking, without compromising data and privacy rights. She took part in the COAG Advisory Panel on reducing violence against women and their children (Technology Working Group) in December 2015, she has lectured on cyber rights issues and is a Professional Board Member for Computer Law & Security Review which is the first technology law journal in the world to be indexed in Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® Social Sciences Edition 

In addition, Felicity has the following publications:

Books / Book Chapters – Technology and Law 

  • Proof in Modern Litigation: Law and Science Perspectives 2017: Gerry F., Svantesson D., Chapter 8 The Microsoft Case and a New Era in Access to Extra Territorial Evidence’.
  • Fourth volume in the European Integration and Democracy Series, devoted to Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy 2017: Chapter 13 ‘Terrorism and Paedophilia on the internet: A Global and Balanced Cyber-Rights Response is Required to Combat Cybercrime, not Knee-Jerk Regulation’ .
  • Human Trafficking: Emerging Legal Issues and Applications. Edited by Nora M. Cronin and Kimberly A. Ellis. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc 2017. Chapter: Using Digital Technologies to Combat Human Trafficking: Privacy Implications (Felicity Gerry QC, Julia Muraszkiewicz, LL.M., and Niovi Vavoula, LL.M.)

Journal articles – Technology and Law

  • Gerry F., Using innovative technology in international legal education: The Experience of the School of Law at Charles Darwin University presented at 4 th Sino-Australian Law Deans’ Meeting 2014 Zhejiang University Guanghua Law School, Hangzhou, China.
  • Gerry F., et al (research group) Affinity in databases: finding duplicates in data in the context of identity fraud (in progress).
  • Gerry F.,et al (research group) Game theory, criminal responsibility and sentencing: Can we prove non-prosecution or reduced punishments for victims of human trafficking are the best strategies to play? (in progress)
  • Gerry, Muraszkiewicz, IanelliThe drive for virtual (online) courts and the failure to consider obligations to combat human trafficking – A short note of concern on identification, protection and privacy of victims Computer Law & Security Review Volume 34, Issue 4, August 2018, Pages 912-91
  • Gerry F., Muraszkiewicz J., Vavoula N.,The role of technology in the fight against human trafficking: reflections on privacy and data protection concerns Computer Law & Security Review 32 ( 2 0 1 6 ) 2015-217
  • Gerry, F., Moore, C., A slippery and inconsistent slope: How Cambodia’s draft cybercrime law exposed the dangerous drift away from international human rights standards Computer Law & Security Review 31 ( 2 0 1 5 ) 628–650
  • Svantesson, D., & Gerry, F. (2015). Access to extraterritorial evidence: The Microsoft cloud case and beyond. Computer Law & Security Review, 31(4), 478-489.
  • Gerry, F., Berova, N., Treating data like the sale of goods: Lessons for the internet from OECD and CISG and sacking Google as the regulator [2014] 30 CLSR Issue 5.
  • Gerry, F., “Data Uses to Combat Human Rights Abuses” IEEE Technology & Society Magazine Refereed Viewpoint:
  • Gerry, F., The Rule of Law Online; You can’t steal cakes that Google haven’t baked” 2015 JIL Vol 18 (7) 3.