Felicity has a long history of dealing with serious cases of homicide, abuse and fraud involving vulnerable people as well as researching reforming justice systems, particularly in relation to vulnerability and disability.

Sample cases include:

  • Terrorism trial where the client had some special educational needs
  • Numerous cases at every level of seriousness involving children
  • Numerous cases involving vulnerable and disabled witness and suspects requiring the use of communication support and sometimes with an intermediary to assist with complex communications issues
  • R v Cox, a guideline case in England and Wales on the adaption of court processes for a vulnerable suspect
  • Various cases involving persons who do not have English as a first language

Research and campaigning:

  • Felicity’s academic work has included research, publications, government submissions and conferences on issues relating to reforming justice systems. She is on the management Committee of The Advocates Gateway, producing toolkits for advocacy with vulnerable people and provided training for a mental disability charity as part of an EU Commission funded project to train lawyers across member states.

In addition, Felicity has the following publications:

Books / Book Chapters – Reforming Justice Systems

  • The Sexual Offences Handbook– Law, Practice and Procedure. Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing (3rd Ed forthcoming).
  • Access to Justice for vulnerable People. Edited by Professor Penny Cooper and Linda Hunting. Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing (forthcoming). Gerry F., Woodroffe D., et al., Anunga 40 Years On (Chapter forthcoming)
  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Law and Practice 2018 (contributor) Bloomsbury. Law and Practice
  • Vulnerability in Justice Systems 2017 OUP: Cooper P., Gerry F., Chapter 6 on defences and vulnerability.
  • Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems. Edited by Professor Penny Cooper and Linda Hunting. Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing 2016. Chapter on Vulnerable witnesses and parties in Civil proceedings – Dignity, Respect and The Advocate’s Gateway Toolkit 17
  • Women in Prison: Is the Justice System Fit For Purpose, Lexis Nexis 2016. See linked 2014 article below. Both on the curriculum for Oxford Criminology.
  • ICC Moot Court Manual 2012: Chapter on ICC Structure and Command Responsibility.

Journal articles – Reforming Justice Systems

  • Gerry F., Cooper P., Effective Participation of Vulnerable Accused Persons: Case Management, Court Adaptation and Rethinking Criminal Responsibility (2017) 26 JJA 219
  • Gerry F., Cox S., Unjust Labels: Joint Enterprise and Extended Common Purpose (2017) 3 NTLJ 138.
  • Gerry, F., Kelly, D., Is it Time for Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the Northern Territory (2016) 90 ALJ 387.
  • Gerry F., Kelly D. 2015 Is it time for Deferred Prosecutions in the Northern Territory of Australia (NT Law Society Balance Magazine and forthcoming in Australian Law Journal)
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  • Gerry F., Crawley K. 2015 Sentencing in child abuse material cases in InPsych, the bulletin of the Australian Psychological Society Limited, April 2015.
  • Gerry, F., A victim-led criminal justice system?”: “Vulnerable Witnesses – dignity and respect”. 2014 3rd IARS International Annual Conference Proceeding book.
  • Hennessey T., Gerry F., Male Rape in Conflict Zones: 2012 Lexis Nexis Policy Paper (published online)