I will be speaking on the international law on human trafficking and how lawyers can help end a global epidemic.

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This presentation will consider how BOTH criminal and corporate lawyers can help to end a global slavery epidemic. Read an ABSTRACT below. To book click here.

ABSTRACT for NT Law Society Presentation 21st April 2015

As a result of the recent death penalty cases I have been involved in, the focus of this presentation is on the UK, Australia and Indonesia. It is vital that we identify victims of coercion, manipulation and deception and other forms of human trafficking and protect them. This includes non-prosecution and non-punishment of those victims in criminal justice systems as well corporate responsibility. The law cannot work in isolation; victims need to be supported and diverted to suitable services and systems need to be in place to remove or block the financial incentives for those who take advantage of human exploitation. Of course it requires law development and enforcement but it also necessitates crime prevention. In a global market place, this requires transnational cooperation at every level, including lawyers and if the urgency is increased by the spectre of terrorism or the imminent death by execution of drug mules then driving immediate international cooperation becomes the imperative.