I presented 2 papers at the International Conference on Evidence and Forensic Science

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Felicity Gerry KC

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Here are the details:

  • PATTERNS OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR: THE LAW OF EVIDENCE: BACK TO THE FUTURE IN AUSTRALIA AND ENGLAND: Felicity Gerry QC, Catarina Sjölin and Professor Gregor Urbas publish a new 4 stage test for admissibility of evidence of patterns of sexual behaviour in England and Australia. The paper was published in the 2015 edition of International Commentary on Evidence.  You can read the Press Release here.


  • ACCESS TO EXTRA TERRITORIAL EVIDENCE – THE MICROSOFT CLOUD CASE AND BEYOND: Professor Dan Svantesson and Felicity Gerry QC propose a new legal model for investigative jurisdiction based on personal interest and connection rather than territoriality. Full paper published this month in Computer Law and Security Review.  You can read the Press Release here.