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Meet the top 5 international lawyers you want on your side

The demand for exceptional legal representation has never been higher in today’s interconnected world.

In a world where justice prevails, lawyers wield extraordinary power. Some command millions for a single case, their names synonymous with legal prowess. Yet, finding the right lawyer amid a sea of talent is quite a challenge.

This article explores the careers of five of the world’s most successful and renowned lawyers who have transcended borders and laws. They’ve earned their reputation through case outcomes, client praise, and media attention.

These lawyers have journeyed across highly demanding paths, including in education, from LSAT prep to law school, to reach the pinnacle of their profession. They have reshaped the legal landscape, possessing remarkable skills, monumental achievements, and global influence.

Here, we unveil these globally renowned legal titans:

Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez


Camille Vasquez ranks first for her recent performance during the highly publicized defamation cases of Depp v. Heard, aka Hollywood’s Johnny Depp standing against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Vasquez represented Depp in these cases and also represented Depp in a personal injury lawsuit filed against him, which was settled outside of court.

Vasquez’s performance during the televised trial drew tens of millions of views on social media, and her name became a commonly used hashtag, mostly showering her with praise for her glamour and courtroom confidence. Despite this worldwide attention, the cool Vasquez kept the case in perspective and delivered arguments of the highest caliber to aid Depp’s case.

After the trial, Vasquez continued to receive an outpouring of support from her peers and the public. She was also promoted from associate to partner at her firm, Brown Rudnick.

Vazquez, now 39, is a USC and Southwestern Law School Alumni, and her current practice focuses on plaintiff-side defamation suits, with additional experience in contract disputes, business-related torts, and labor-related claims. She is adept at formulating offensive and defensive litigation and arbitration strategies for private clients.

Vazquez has also represented Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jennifer Lopez, among other famous Hollywood stars. In May 2023, Vasquez confirmed that she had been hired by famous Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, whose reputation was tarnished due to a human trafficking scandal. Vazquez represented Trevi in two civil lawsuits filed by two women in California on December 30, 2022.

In October 2022, the rising star lawyer formed part of the Brown Rudnick team hired by Kanye West to provide legal counsel on his business interests. However, following West’s refusal to retract his anti-Semitic remarks, the collaboration was dissolved.

Dr. Felicity Gerry

Dr. Felicity Gerry


Dr. Felicity Gerry KC (King’s Counsel) is admitted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) in The Hague to the Bar of England and Wales and the Victorian Bar, Australia. She has also had ad hoc admission in Hong Kong and Gibraltar. She is best known for her fearless defense of clients in the most challenging cases involving allegations of war crimes, terrorism, and homicide.

Gerry is widely known for her exceptional courtroom presence, and Legal 500 described her as “a leader in her field,” “a fearless and effective advocate,” and “a true inspiration to junior lawyers” and in Chambers and Partners as “a wonderful fighter with an extraordinary intellect.”

Felicity holds a Ph.D., a Master of Laws in International Governance, a Bachelor of
Laws, and a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching and Learning. She is a Professor of Legal Practice at Deakin University, Melbourne, where she is the Unit Chair in the undergraduate and JD programs teaching ‘Contemporary International Legal Challenges.’ She is also an Honorary Professor in the School of Health and Society at Salford University, researching the intersection between health, law, and education.

She specialises in Homicide, Terrorism, Modern Slavery, Financial Crime, and War Crimes and has had several career-defining cases, currently defending Mr. Al Hassan at the ICC. She has extensive trial and appellate experience in significant legal challenges, and her successful submissions to governments have led to changes in the law on modern slavery, female genital mutilation, and Reproductive Rights.

Gerry led the memorandum on due diligence in investment listing on SGX for Justice for Myanmar, which led to the $82m divestment of the Golden City scheme. She took on the appeal in R v Jogee before the UK Supreme Court, correcting an error of law in complicity described by the BBC as a ‘genuine moment of legal history.’

The unrelenting barrister has also been responsible for a host of mercy petitions and death row reprieves. These include the case of Mary Jane Veloso (Philippines and Indonesia) a death row prisoner granted a reprieve in Jakarta, Indonesia just minutes before she was due to be executed. Gerry also assisted another death row prisoner in Indonesia – Lindsay Sandiford and successfully led the petition for mercy for Zak Grieve in Northern Territory, Australia.

She is leading the legal fight and petition for Christine Keeler to receive a posthumous pardon after the fallout of one of Britain’s biggest ever political scandal, The Profumo Affair, in the 1960s.

Felicity has consulted for the UNODC and several NGOs. She has a long history of training professionals and is often on broadcast news channels and documentaries commentating on international legal issues, particularly related to International Crimes, Terrorism and Homicide, and Corporate Responsibility for human rights abuses.

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