Felicity Gerry successfully prosecutes a police officer for fraud on behalf of the CPS Casework Directorate

PC Gareth Beard was convicted at Southwark Crown Court of fraud after a 6 day trial before His Honour Judge Higgins on the 13th of September 2012.

Beard falsely claimed to mobile telephone company O2 and in a police CRIS report that his mobile telephone had been stolen. During the trial, he admitted telling lies to the telephone insurance operator and senior officers in relation to the date, time & location of the alleged theft.

Sentence has been adjourned to the 11th of October 2012 . The learned judge indicated that there was a “high probability” that Beard would receive a custodial penalty. Disciplinary proceedings have been awaiting the outcome of this trial. A second indictment for misconduct in public office was left to lie on the file