Felicity gives her views on the use of “predatory” to describe a 13 year old girl in THAT case at Snaresbrook

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Felicity Gerry KC

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“Calamitous comments by barrister Robert Colover have made the headlines this week as he referred to the victim of sexual offending as “predatory” and “sexually experienced”. The defendant was appearing for sentence before His Honour Judge Peters QC sitting at Snaresbrook Crown Court for two counts of making (downloading) extreme pornography (not images of children) and one count of sexual activity with a child. He received a sentence of eight months imprisonment suspended for two years. He was 41-years-old and she was 13-years-old. The CPS, who instructed the barrister to prosecute this case from their list of accredited advocates, has issued a press release that the comments should not have been used and initiated an investigation.”

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