Felicity Gerry’s paper on The Rule of Law online: Treating data like the sale of goods: Lessons for the internet from OECD and CISG and sacking Google as the Regulator has been accepted for publication by The Computer Law & Security Review

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The paper sets out the importance of protecting freedom on the internet – the recent Google decision means the issue is no longer privacy but control & in our view it is time to agree a global set of principles to balance rights and responsibilities on the internet – as we have with international trade via CISG.

Those principles substantially already exist in the OECD guidelines created decades ago & recently updated – they were formulated with a view to a global convention which has never materialised.

Felicity recently gave a presentation on the rule of law online at the Defining the Sensor Society Conference at UQ which I think would interest you – The abstracts & recordings are here http://cccs.uq.edu.au/sensor-society

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