Felicity Gerry successfully leads for the prosecution in a false document factory trial in North Wales on behalf of CPS Fraud Group (Manchester)

Unanimous verdicts were reached on the 25th of July 2012 at Mold Crown Court in R v Andrea Davison where Felicity Gerry leading Kate Tompkins successfully prosecuted the defendant for the possession and making of false documents for use in fraud of any kind. The documents were used in many ways including in a multi million pound international fraud. The defendant was also convicted of transferring criminal property and putting banks and credit card companies at risk of loss by having bank accounts and credit cards in numerous false names.

Evidence was heard that the defendant had supplied information to the Arms to Iraq Inquiry in the past but had her claim for expenses refused. It was agreed that there was no evidence that she had been encouraged to create or use false identities for herself or others.

The investigation by Derbyshire Constabulary spanned a number of years and involved thousands of documents including false passports and utility bills and documents created by providing false information to the electoral register and to Gwynnedd Council tax department. The defendant is believed to have absconded abroad and to be seeking political asylum. Sentencing her in her absence, His Honour Judge Parry described her as a calculated fraudster. Confiscation proceedings have been postponed to May 2013.