Felicity features in Lawyer Monthly – Golden City Divested After Due Diligence Memo

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Felicity Gerry KC

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In this special feature, barrister Felicity Gerry KC discusses the Golden City debacle, arguing that it serves as a warning to investment schemes to consult international criminal lawyers before doing business with those connected to human rights abuses and atrocity crimes. There is an emerging compliance mesh that creates a connection between criminal law and financial risk.

The film ‘The Big Short’ opens with bankers going “from the country club to the strip club”. For multinational investment opportunities the safest location is not a golden city but legal counsel’s chambers. It neatly encapsulates the need for due diligence in investment opportunities. Since the 2008 crash that the movie explores, investment compliance has become a great deal more complex, with a visible overlap in criminal law that makes it prudent to seek legal advice from experts in criminal and human rights law – as Emerging Towns & Cities Singapore (ETC) has learned to its cost.

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