Felicity explains why there was no case to answer for Shrien Dewani for Huffington Post

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Felicity Gerry KC

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‘Lawyers are often asked: How can you represent someone you know is guilty? The truth is you don’t know if anyone is guilty unless, perhaps you were a witness to events and then you wouldn’t be the lawyer. The correct answer is that a lawyer has to act based on instructions given by the client. If your son or brother or father or other relative were accused of a serious crime, you would expect them to have independent legal representation not an advocate who assumes he is guilty. Shrien Dewani denied charges that he paid hit men to kill his wife while the couple were on honeymoon in South Africa. Evidence that he was bi-sexual was excluded by the judge. Logically, the fact that someone is bi-sexual or unhappy in an arranged marriage does not make them a conspirator to murder. The legal issue is only whether it can be proved on available evidence that he led a conspiracy to kill his new wife in circumstances where he was almost bound to be exposed.’


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