Felicity calls for Lindsay Sandiford to be sent home

Felicity Gerry KC
Felicity Gerry KC

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Felicity was quoted in the Mirror Online, in an article about Lindsay Sandiford, the British grandmother who has been on death row in Indonesia since 2013 for drug smuggling offences.

‘This week, human rights barrister Felicity Gerry KC, who visited Sandiford in 2015, called for her to be returned to Britain.

She said: “Indonesia is taking an important step in recognising the need to commute the sentences of those subject to the death penalty, especially women.

“Lindsay co-operated with the authorities and explained levels of coercion that should have at least mitigated her position. The Government should be taking active steps to ­facilitate her return to the UK, either to serve a sentence near her family or to consider her release.”’