Dan Warburton from The Mirror, speaks to Felicity on ‘Profumo sex scandal icon Christine Keeler’s conviction branded ‘a national disgrace’

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Felicity Gerry KC

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A top lawyer tonight branded Christine Keeler’s perjury conviction a national scandal and demanded a posthumous pardon.

Human rights KC Dr Felicity Gerry said it is “dreadful” that Christine was prosecuted for lying to court. The model, whose 1961 fling with war secretary John Profumo helped topple the Tory government, was jailed for nine months in 1963.

She had been attacked by stalker Aloysius “Lucky” Gordon but he appealed after it was found Christine, who died in 2017 aged 75, had told jurors two witnesses to the assault were not there. Her family say she was prosecuted to discredit her over the Profumo scandal, and they have launched a campaign to clear her name.

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