Answering ‘the Cocktail Party’ question – ANZSIL Perspective

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Felicity Gerry KC

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For ANZSIL Perspective edition 38 Felicity co-wrote an article with Phillipa Stafford and Alka Pradhan on the question that women who work in criminal defence are perennially asked to answer: ‘How can you defend those people?’

The article suggests that this somewhat reductive question can be flipped, and take on transformative potential if considered through a critical feminist lens. Empowering Women in Criminal Defence: Redefining Jurisprudence Through Marginalized Perspectives and answering the ‘Cocktail Party Question’ is a short exploration of the potential of a feminist approach to criminal defence, particularly as it relates to international criminal law and its ‘performance’ of legal order.

Read the article in its entirety (and, of course, the rest of Edition 38!) at the ANZIL Perspective website (open access).